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Soft Touch Potty Seat - Pink
This potty seat feature a unique soft cushioned seat, contoured snug shape and high moulded back and sides. They're perfectly designed to give toddlers the confidence, reassurance and total comfort they need to succeed.
Ref: DB676
Premium Deluxe Bath Seat - Blue
The Dreambaby Premium Deluxe Bath Seat is for children aged six months to two years of age. It features a high back for added comfort and the front opens quickly and easily to make getting baby in and out more convenient.
Ref: DB660
Padded Deluxe Bath Seat With Heat Sensor
The Dreambaby Padded Premium Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensor is for children aged six months to two years of age. It has a padded seat and back for added comfort and the starfish heat sensor will fade if the water is too hot.
Ref: DB661
Duck Bath & Room Thermometer
Dreambaby Bath & Room Thermometer is a safe, easy and fun. It is a fun bath toy, rechecks the temperature every 10 seconds and automatically switches off after 30 seconds to save energy.
Ref: DB321
Heat Sensing Bath Appliques (Pack of 12)
Safety Color Changing feature to help prevent accidental scalding as well as slips and falls in the tub. They are easy to use in a regular or baby bath.
Ref: DB128
Non-Slip Bath Appliques (Pack of 12)
Helps prevent accidental slips and falls in the tub. The appliques provide a textured surface which adds extra traction. Easy to use in a regular bath.
Ref: DB129
Bath Toy Bag
For an easy way to keep toys off the floor and out of the way when not being played with. This is an attractive, neat and functional way of storing toys.
Ref: DB602
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