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Toilet Lock
Dream Baby Toilet Lock will help prevent children from opening toilets. Also may be suitable for use on appliances, cupboards and cabinets. Not recommended for use on wooden toilets.
Ref: DB123
Ezy-Check Swivel Applicance Latch
Dreambaby Ezycheck Swivel Appliance Latches with heat-resistant adhesive are suitable for most ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes driers. A simple colour indicator shows if the lock is on or off.
Ref: DB803
Stove Guard
Dreambaby Stove Guards make your kitchen safer by putting a protective polycarbonate barrier between your little ones and hot stovetops, burners, pots and pans.
Ref: DB195
Flat Screen TV Saver
Dreambaby Flat Screen TV Savers prevent potentially serious accidents by anchoring the television to the wall or furniture with adjustable, heavy-duty straps.
Ref: DB860
Keyed Outlet Plugs (Pack fo 12 + 4 keys)
Keyed Outlet Plugs help protect your little one from accessing a potentially life threatening electrical current. Simply place the plugs into any uncovered power point and remove when needed with a simple twist of the key.
Ref: DB899
UltraLock (Pack of 3)
Extra long length. Dual Purpose Secure cabinets and drawers quickly and easily and Helps prevent little fingers being jammed.
Ref: DB109
Spring Latches (Pack of 3)
Dream Baby Spring Latches have a durable, long lasting spring action. Suitable for use on top or side of most cabinets. Suitable for top drawers, can be used on lower drawers where there is a top divider to which the catch can be fitted.
Ref: DB110
Stroller Bag
Dream Baby Stroller Bag is great for storing baby's things within close reach. It fits most types of strollers.
Ref: DB214
Dehumidifying Dry Egg
Helps remove excess moisture and damp from the air. Reduces mould, mildew and other musty odours.
Ref: DB603
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