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Flip - Front 2 Back Carrier
The Flip does it all and will delight you with its comfort. Crafted for moms, yet cool enough for dads, it's flippable, flexible, breathable and will protect your carrier and clothes.
Ref: IN200103
Swift - Classic Carrier
This Swift is a smartly crafted and simple to use carrier that's always ready to roll. With a plush fabrics and comfy design, you and your baby will be cruising in style.
Ref: IN200429
Breathe - Vented Carrier
The Breathe brings smart fabrics and tailored padding together for a sleek and sassy look. Includes BreatheMesh head support, making it super breathable and lightweight and adjusts to fit perfectly.
Ref: IN200448
Slingrider - Burgundy Floral
The Slingrider child carrier offers a snug and secure, go-anywhere comfort that's second to none. Slip it over your shoulder and see what they mean. Extra-secure swaddling harness system without buckles or hard edges.
Ref: IN751613
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