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A Day At The Fair Puzzle
This 3D puzzle will keep your little adventurer entertained for hours with a carnival of kooky characters, attractions and animals. 38 dimensional puzzle pieces.
Age: 3-6 Years
Ref: IN156026
Look At Me Puzzle
Spark your little one's imaginations with 8 fun dress up photo puzzles! Just insert your child's photo! 19 pieces included.
Ref: IN156028
Where's My Tail Puzzle
10 adorable little creatures are missing their tails! Children will have a great time finding them with this colorful 20-piece puzzle!
Ref: IN156029
My First Puzzles
Colorful puzzle pieces and popular rhymes that will get your little one off to a smart start.
Ref: IN156034
Alphabet Train Puzzle
Toot! Toot! Here come the ABC’s in a mix and match train of letters, sounds, laughs and learning. Promotes problem solving skills, and develops hand-eye coordination.
Out of Stock!
Ref: IN156056
Counting & Shapes Floor Puzzle
Match the numbers and shapes to connect the cars and keep the train on track. Helps children develop number, counting and shape-sorting skills. 30 puzzle pieces.
Out of Stock!
Ref: IN156061A
When I Grow Up Alphabet Puzzle

Your little one can get a jump on big smarts. Learn the alphabet & explore classic jobs and careers with this 37 puzzle pieces.
Age: 3-6 Years

Ref: IN156062
My First Colour Puzzles
Make playtime a learning experience with the Infantino First Color Puzzle Set. This set of 6 puzzles helps children learn how colors are made. Each puzzle has a color wheel, showing how colors come together.
Ref: IN156069
My First Spin & Match Puzzle
Match the puzzle pieces together then spin the wheel to match the colors for twice the fun. Turn the wheel to match colors and patterns. 18 puzzle pieces.
Ref: IN156120
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