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Bougies & Parfums Zen
Create superb candles in contemporary shapes with this amazing kit. They can be burned for 3 hours without losing their shape. You can even then remelt them!
Age: 8+ years
Ref: SEN267
Bougies & Parfums - Candles & Perfumes
Create beautiful and quality candles; great decoration for your room thanks to their elegant shape and delicate amber and cypress smell. The box contains 800 g of ‘steraffine’, a wax mix for achieving perfect results. Age: 8-12+ Years
Ref: SEN235
Bougies Cristal - Crystal Candles
Clear as water, the Crystal Candles can be decorated with pearl, glitter and shell inclusions.
This set will allow you a relaxing and creative moment before it amazes all your senses.
Age: 8-12+Years
Ref: SEN236
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