Toys > SentoSphère: Soap Making Toys
Savons d'Artistes - Artistic Soap
Everything you need for creating really original cosmetic soaps. With your imagination and artistic sense you can create multi-coloured bars and shapes! Age: 7+ Years
Ref: SEN237
Gem Soap Lab
You can now create gem soaps with different colours: amethyst, emerald and topaz.
This kit comes with 6 moulds and an instruction book.
Age: 8+ years
Ref: SEN228
Savons & Senteurs
Create your own delightful high quality soaps. Your child can then add scents and colorants to the liquid soap and then pour it into the mold. The soap will quickly harden and take the shape of flowers, seashells, dolphins… Age: 7+ Years
Ref: SEN231
Spa Lab
This great mini-lab spa, will allow your children to create a spa atmosphere at home! You can make your own bath with lots of foam and colored gels. This game is safe. Age: 7-12+ Years
Ref: SEN256
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