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Safari Roller
The Safari Roller is a great inflatable toy that encourages crawling. Just push away and it rolls right back making a fun jingling sound.
Ages: 6 Months+ | Size: 40.5 x 25.5 cm
Ref: IN1503061
Soft Teethers - Owl & Moose
Take-along soft teethers owl & moose, soothes the baby's tender gums! Sold Separately.
Ref: IN1503081
Foot Rattles - Kitty & Puppy
Baby's natural movement becomes a source of non-stop entertainment with these colourful rattles. The set includes 1 kitty foot rattle and 1 puppy food rattle.
Age: 0 Months+ | Size: 10 x 7 x 6 cm
Ref: IN1503091
Stick & Spin Monkey
Highchair and stroller tray buddy adds a fun twist to snack time. Monkey has a peek-a-boo mirror, twists and clicks. Suctions to most flat surfaces. Traveling and spinning beads are fun for busy hands.
Ref: IN1503101
GiggleBytes Laptop
Baby's first laptop entertains with sights, sounds and textures! The pocket holds a picture of baby's favorite people. The hide-n-seek "CD" mirror entertains with baby's own reflection. Press the "space bar" for a cool typing sound.
Ref: IN150352
Elephant & Lion Jitter Pals
The Elephant and Lion are fun take-along toys that jitters and shakes! Easily attaches to car seat, stroller or diaper bag! Elephant and Lion are sold separately.
Ref: IN150802
Baby Beach Band
A plush 5-piece band for little musicians to create their own beat. Clam shakers, jangly lobster maraca, rattling starfish cymbal, fish tambourine and an octopus drum that plays a fun tropical tune. will keep little ones busy and entertained.
Ref: IN150831
Little Pals - Bunny & Mouse
These toys are great for any child from birth and up. Bunny is multi colored and features a built in mirror while mouse features a built in colorful bead rattle on tummy. Both toys easily attach to car seat, stroller or diaper bag.
Ref: IN150841
Movers & Shakers - Monkey & Elephant
Movers & Shakers Monkey & Elephant. Press these little friends and they play music as they scoot along! Sold separately.
Age: 3 Months+
Ref: IN150851
Troy The Activity Truck
Troy the Activity Truck is a motorized plastic toy with flexible orange & green plastic tubing intended for children twelve months and older. Items shaped like stars, circles, and hearts are attached to and slide along the tubes.
Ref: IN153210
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